Rose Gold Pearl Bridal Bracelet

Rose Gold Pearl Bridal Bracelet. Swarovski White Pearl Bracelet Wedding Jewellery. Cubic Zirconia Crystal Bracelet Bridesmaids Bracelet Jewelry.

This lovely genuine SWAROVSKI wjite pearl wedding bridal bracelet is made with Swarovski white pearls and cubic zirconia stuuded flower charm to create this elegant bridal bracelet. This bracelet is easily adjustable by moving the slide up or down on the bracelet chains. This is perfect for a bride, can also be a gift for your bridesmaids, Flower girls or a lovely present for someone you love. The Cubic Zirconia sparkles amazingly upon light.



Decorative flower and pearl portion measure 4.5 cm (1.8 inches) in length. Bracelet is 2 cm (0.8″) at its widest. Great for any wrist size! I have used 8mm and 6mm combination pearls. If you are after only one size of pearls please choose from the drop down menu.