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Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace

Aromatherapy diffuser necklace is called ‘Aromatherapy” as each necklace usually contains a lava bead inside the locket which can be oiled with your preferred perfumed oils. You can buy multiple lava beads and change the bead inside the locket to enjoy different perfumes and aromas.

The demand for these necklaces is going strong as soon as these hit Australia late last year in 2017 and with new design necklaces added on a daily basis, we are offering a generous 50% off with your choice of the number of lava beads and essential oil pads. With new elegant styles, designs, and affordability, one can assume that the demand will stay longer. The feedback we have received and the reviews left by our customers, that these receive more than the usual compliments. Coupled with the fact that you can use a number of different essential oils and perfumes and you are only limited by the number of diffuser pad you order.

So why not order this as a perfect gift – it will fit all occasions and add those special ‘scents’ for your loved ones. This is one of those gifts which is practical, stylish and will leave your loved ones truly in love with their new diffuser necklace. So get a list of your friends and loved ones and choose a necklace which will suit their personality the closest. We have a huge collection of different styles and you’ll definitely be able to match to your list of friends.

Since we are a jewellery design studio busy with creating wonderful jewellery and gift ideas with keeping your budget in mind, we are flexible in catering to your needs. Most retail shops will send the gift-wrapped necklace as they receive from their suppliers but we custom fit the necklace to your instructions by adjusting the length. The length can be customised to 5 or 6 different length or any lengths you desire as we keep the chains and can cut it for you at no extra cost. You can order as many lava beads as you like and order extra diffuser pads.

Lava is porous and allows for oils to absorb and diffuse for several hours. Drop one-two drops of oil on the bead or put the oil on your fingers and rub it in the bead. You can reapply oils as often as you prefer and any oil that you like. It is advised to apply a single type of essential oil on a bead – unless you know the art of mixing essential oils and creating a new perfume.

There are a number of kits which you can buy in the market which comes with a chain, a locket, lava beads in different colours & shapes, and essential oils. Since the aromatherapy diffuser necklaces come in different shapes, you can find matching lava beads or pads for the diffuser oils.

Lava beads as the name indicates are made from the molten rock ( real lava). Lava beads are also becoming very popular and are a perfect match for diffuser necklace due to their porous sponge-like quality which is very good in absorbing oils and retaining the fragrance. One of the great qualities of lava beads is that these are very lightweight and ideal for use in bulky jewelry and very easy to die them into different colours or cut them into different shapes as these are very soft to work with and a simple kitchen knife will do the trick.

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